Experiment 04_Abstract Weather

In this experiment weather data is influencing the design of posters. The goal is not to give the user precise information, it’s about adapting the design to different data. Every Poster reacts individually to every circumstances in real time.
Please Note!

The poster surrounded by a glow is supposed to be the actual weather.

You can get information how each poster reacts to the data at each poster in the bottom left corner.

A black background means night.

In this poster the temperature is translated in color and the thickness of the word thunder.


The height of the letter E is influenced by the humidity. If the letters are more Bold it means the temperature is higher.

The Temperature is translated in the color of the lines which also adjust their width to the temperature.

The temperature is translated in color and the humidity is visiualised in the thickness of the lines.


In this poster the lines get thicker if the temperature is lower and the color gets colder.


The letter "W" changes with temperature and humidity. The color of the rectangle is influenced by the temperature and the 7 gets thicker with higher temperatures.

# #

Humidity is translated in the shape of the letters. Meanwhile the animated lines are adjusted by the temperature.


The font used in this poster adjusts to the humidity, pressure and temperature. If the humidity is high the font gets more edgy. The curves get longer if the pressure is higher.